Creative Media Services

We photograph the work of artists and make digital images for a variety of uses.
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What We Do

CMS4Artists - Griffin Mill Dove I by Sue Drennen
Griffin Mill Dove I (monoprint)
by Sue Drennen

Perhaps a little explanation of the sort of service Creative Media Services offers might help you decide whether we can supply your needs and also enable you to estimate the cost.

If you are an artist producing paintings, drawings, prints or sculpture and need to have digital or transparency copies of your work for web sites, publicity material, gallery submissions, press releases, grant applications, archiving etc. then we can help.

We are able to produce very high quality photographs from your work either at your home or studio or at our own premises. If you already have your own photographs, either digital, negative or slide, we will convert them into a suitable format.

Your images will be supplied on a CD or DVD. We can also produce well-presented discs for distribution to galleries, competitions etc.

Contact George to discuss your needs.
tel. 01453 884775, 07527 414675 or email